[Springboard] 21st Century Contradicitons

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Jack -- My three societal contradictions, right off the top of my head, are: 1) stabilizing and restoring the global environment, 2) "holy" wars needing a new approach to dialog and diplomatic conflict resolution, and 3) global poverty and hunger with education as the key.
Peace, Roxana

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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 01:53:59 +0530
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Subject: [Springboard] 21st Century Contradicitons

Dear All,

I have followed the dialogue on the OE list serve regarding the  
updating of the HRN call for social pioneers in the three areas he  
felt at that time where critical for the sensitive and responsive  
ones to respond to.   Since we are referring to the Guild as that  
part of society that is sensitive and responsive to bringing forth a  
new earth/new society/new humanness I think it is important that we  
discern what the critical areas of contradiction are for our time.  I  
have been working on this for a couple of weeks and have developed  
what for me are the contradictions that the Guilds (and the Order)  
need to be addressing.  I won't share them just yet, but would invite  
everyone to think what would be your list.  Next week sometime I'll  
share my list and rationale.

There are many, many areas of concern and issues facing the world  
today.  So to try and discern the critical ones I applied the  
following test.  I asked "What societal contradictions, if not  
addressed in the next 10-15 years will put the global society into a  
tipping point of danger?"  That is, although there are many issues  
facing India today, I discovered a set that seemed to apply here as  
well as in the developed world.  Common contradictions that are  
affecting us all and will "sink the ship" if we don't mobilize the  
sensitive and responsive to creatively respond.  I found brooding on  
the imbalances of the Social Process as well as the Pressure Points  
we discerned 30+ years ago to be helpful in my discernment for today.

Maybe by the time of the Junaluska event we will begin to see a  
consensus of what these are and then we could perhaps do some writing  
on them at the gathering as well as use them as a screen for what we  
might be doing with the Guilds.

I look forward to hearing what you feel the Order needs to address.



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