[Springboard] 21st Century Contradicitons

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Thanks for your quick response.  Just to remind people that you can  
have more than three.  John Cock thought maybe 5-7.  I actually came  
up with nine.


On Nov 6, 2007, at 10:37 PM, foxy-rox at juno.com wrote:

> Jack -- My three societal contradictions, right off the top of my  
> head, are: 1) stabilizing and restoring the global environment, 2)  
> "holy" wars needing a new approach to dialog and diplomatic  
> conflict resolution, and 3) global poverty and hunger with  
> education as the key.
> Peace, Roxana
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> Subject: [Springboard] 21st Century Contradicitons
> Dear All,
> I have followed the dialogue on the OE list serve regarding the
> updating of the HRN call for social pioneers in the three areas he
> felt at that time where critical for the sensitive and responsive
> ones to respond to.   Since we are referring to the Guild as that
> part of society that is sensitive and responsive to bringing forth a
> new earth/new society/new humanness I think it is important that we
> discern what the critical areas of contradiction are for our time.  I
> have been working on this for a couple of weeks and have developed
> what for me are the contradictions that the Guilds (and the Order)
> need to be addressing.  I won't share them just yet, but would invite
> everyone to think what would be your list.  Next week sometime I'll
> share my list and rationale.
> There are many, many areas of concern and issues facing the world
> today.  So to try and discern the critical ones I applied the
> following test.  I asked "What societal contradictions, if not
> addressed in the next 10-15 years will put the global society into a
> tipping point of danger?"  That is, although there are many issues
> facing India today, I discovered a set that seemed to apply here as
> well as in the developed world.  Common contradictions that are
> affecting us all and will "sink the ship" if we don't mobilize the
> sensitive and responsive to creatively respond.  I found brooding on
> the imbalances of the Social Process as well as the Pressure Points
> we discerned 30+ years ago to be helpful in my discernment for today.
> Maybe by the time of the Junaluska event we will begin to see a
> consensus of what these are and then we could perhaps do some writing
> on them at the gathering as well as use them as a screen for what we
> might be doing with the Guilds.
> I look forward to hearing what you feel the Order needs to address.
> G&P,
> Jack
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