[Springboard] 21st Century Contradicitons

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Sat Nov 10 11:11:37 EST 2007

Blase and I could not agree with you more John. Spirit is the Key to it all and without it, nothing ever changes - only on the surface and then it's just mind games, or nice ideas.

The Order was manifested from The Mystery. We fell in love with it. We were consumed by the passion for the Mystery and serving that Mystery. That's why we were willing to give up everything for it. 

Joe Mathews was able to commune with and channel The Mystery. He was also human and had not reached a point of total enlightenment so he made mistakes. But his will was to be obedient to God. His Power and Presence came from the Mystery and we were all influenced by that. That is what made us different. We were able to experience the Presence of the Mystery because we were standing present to it everyday and rehearsing it together and re-dedicating ourselves.

It seems like Prayer - spiritual aspiration and surrender to the Spirit as well rejecting the ego and rational mind as the masters, are the keys to a True Order - which bows to that Great Mystery.

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