[Springboard] Critical Contradictions

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I would add to those contradictions the fragility of our health  
systems.  In Austin, there are attempts underway to have systems in  
place at the neighborhood level in the case of a Flu pandemic, which  
could sink the present system overnight and we wouldn't be able to  
depend on our hospitals, physicians or mortuaries .  We've been pretty  
good cutting back on known infectious diseases, but with global  
warming, diseases that were once confined to certain zones are now  
coming North, along with insects, such as the pine beetle that are  
taking out forests in Colorado and Alaska.  Peek Oil is also in play,  
actually for the past 5 years at least, in which supply is outrun by  
demand.  In many countries, I'm told, fuel prices have doubled and in  
China there are fuel shortages for trucking.

Jean Watts' husband Bob, could probably provide us with a most up-to- 
date view of Global Warming.

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