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So, this is a question that has been bothering me for years  . . .  If, in the US, we agree that the way we choose a President  is by voting for an electoral college and they then choose the president -- if we all agree that that is how its done, isn't that a CONSENSUS??

Wayne Nelson <wnelson at ica-associates.ca> wrote:

David wrote:

> Some helpful steps . . . . . .

> Once a model or plan is presented you first ask for questions of clarity.
> This usually fleshed out the plan more completely.

> Then, you also ask once everyone is clear about the plan as
> presented, does anyone have any concerns about this plan?

I think there has always been a step at this point that seeks to resolve the
concerns and improve the model etc. Alternatives, scenarios etc. This step
answers the questions of substance and enables the whole group to deal with
the key dimensions of the plan together.

> Once these are 
> heard then someone in the group is able to say, ³The consensus is Š.² In that
> statement you were trying to give a more inclusive statement of the group
> mind. 


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