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Right on, William!


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Perhaps, to honor our insight that Symbol is key we could state the central
contradiction as:


Our economic, cultural, and political stories and structure promote,
enhance, and reward a human centered worldview with an anthropomorphic God
figure that promotes and rewards economic, cultural, and political
imperialism rather than structures and spiritualities that support an earth
based community. Until there is a reformulation of the symbol, education and
style systems from its human-centered-worldview to an earth based worldview
there will be no lasting and authentic change.  


(Perhaps something like a universal 5th city model based on reformulating
The Political, Economic, Cultural (Education-Symbol-Style) structures and
stories that will change our human-based into earth based worldview)


As Thomas Berry so eloquently puts it, "The historical mission of our time
is to reinvent the human-at the species level, with critical reflection,
within the community of life systems, in a time-developmental context, by
means of story and shared dreams."


Bill Bailey


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I would add to those contradictions the fragility of our health systems.  In
Austin, there are attempts underway to have systems in place at the
neighborhood level in the case of a Flu pandemic, which could sink the
present system overnight and we wouldn't be able to depend on our hospitals,
physicians or mortuaries .  We've been pretty good cutting back on known
infectious diseases, but with global warming, diseases that were once
confined to certain zones are now coming North, along with insects, such as
the pine beetle that are taking out forests in Colorado and Alaska.  Peek
Oil is also in play, actually for the past 5 years at least, in which supply
is outrun by demand.  In many countries, I'm told, fuel prices have doubled
and in China there are fuel shortages for trucking.


Jean Watts' husband Bob, could probably provide us with a most up-to-date
view of Global Warming.


George Holcombe

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