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    Clinton's always been an inspiration to me. However, I find his three contradictions a bit reduced, at least in the same proportion mine were. However, his statement on "What we have in common. . . " is worthwhile making a sub-title to our statement, "All the world belongs to all the people." 
    Has anybody thought about inviting the former President to spend an afternoon at Junaluska? What about Carter? Does anybody we know have the clout? Invite them to observe the structure of the process and to evaluate its effectiveness for NGO work around the world.
    Just dreaming. . . .
    Bill Salmon
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  Addressing the Slate 60, Bill Clinton laid out his 3 major challenges in the world.  I saw it on CSpan.  Thought to add to the dialogue on contradictions.  Slate 60 is the list of the 60 largest philanthropists in a year -- they get together at the Clinton Library to discuss things . . . their aim is to make philanthropy as well known as the Forbes 400.

  His three:  

  Dramatic Inequality of education, access to resources, access to jobs
  Clash of identity as to whether what we have in common as human beings is more important (or not) than what is different (religion, ethnic background, gender, age, class, nationality, etc.)
  Unsustainability of development showing up as population growth, resource depletion and global warming
  One thing Clinton would do?  Launch an NGO in every high school and let the students figure out what to focus it on, how to raise the money, etc.

  (Bill Clinton) "We need to do whatever we can to amplify our impacts and get more people involved in this sort of work, including people that will never be in this group."

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