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The Grows and Jones say much that resonates. (I have highlighted in blue and
red type lines below.) Thanks much. We will obviously have a profound time
on the mountain.
Few reflective questions (like in the Grows' attachment):
1) How do we facilitate folks getting called these days?
2) How do we get more "younger" folks committed to the order dynamic, yea,
the Springboard, for a longer trajectory than most of us have left? (Fifty
would be a good start, e.g., George and Carol's two sons, Marilyn and Joe's
two sons, and our two sons -- I'm not hung up on sons but just thought of
the coincidence of those who have two sons only -- and their wives and
children, of course). What form will that take besides roving Springboard
3) How do we deeply transform the "guild" word/image so it is first thought
of as about "being" -- in the midst of our doing and knowing? 
All this can be figured out and demonstrated, what the Grows and Marshall
refer to and all of us have been attempting to facilitate since we lived in
some form of the order dynamic such as Fifth-City-type guilds, local cadres,
religious houses -- all as a global spirit movement. We've been there, done
that, and can keep on being used mightily to catalyze and guide new
formation for the "New Earth, New Society, and the New Human," to quote
"See you up on the mountain by the lake," as Chief Junaluska said often
(btw, he and his tribe were part of the ordering dynamic in history --
google it).


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Dear Colleagues,
I am sitting here in deep gratitude for the Grows, their work, and their
document. "Shock and awe" would be more accurate, but for the military spin
on this state of being.
It's amazing to me that there are colleagues that you can plug in anywhere,
boot them up, and they just start embodying the Order dynamic.  (e.g., the
So let me speak to the document on an intuitive level.
I'm emboldened by the actuality of the Guild dynamic in York, but I suspect
that it will be difficult to transform Guilders into full colleagues until
they have a real way to 'get' it, or "experience being 'called'", which
historically has happened within the vocated context of "church" that allows
an intensification of self-conscious Be-ing through structures such as House
Church and Ecclesiola.
Do we have any 'secular' equivalents that convey the symbolic depth of
corporateness that is experienced in the context of
the-universal-in-the-particular and the-particular-in-the-universal  (came
as new this time) ?   
Which raises the question, what kind of 'spirit[ual] formation' -- to borrow
a Roman Catholic term -- do Guilders need to be Guilding? What happens
without 'it'? In terms of long-term outcomes?
I've been living intensely with the witness of the Fifth City movie during
the last few months. And I think the golden key is right there in the words
out of the mouths of the Fifth City leadership, which is clearly a
transformed Guld dynamic that fully 'got' what we were/are about. 
You have to have been through the experiential Fire yourself to 'get' that
you need to have colleagues willing to make a life commitment together in
order to experience a corporate intensification / transformation of the
Guild dynamic.
Blessings on all as we prepare for Junaluska,
Marshall Jones

Bill Grow <billgrow at verizon.net> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for the stimulating Junaluska preparation discussion.  Here is our
two cents worth on the attachment.
Bill and Nancy Grow
billgrow at verizon.net
nangrow at verizon.net
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