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Dear Gordon & All - 
As one of the lurkers on the list who isn't planning to be in Junaluska this time around, I want to wish you all the very best as you gather.  The rest of the 99 may be similar to my situation -- I have other commitments at this time, but I am with you all the way & highly interested in your proceedings.  Might even try the Skype-way,
All the best,
Nancy Trask
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  Colleagues --

  I'm a bit in awe at how many of us have felt this Springboard venture warranted our joining still another bloody listserv (there are currently 99 of us on it)!  I hope that it's not disappointed you.

  As you know, the third physical gathering of the Springboard group happens this weekend in Lake Junaluska, NC.  Nearly forty of us are registered to attend, with others still considering, and another bunch of us planning to participate remotely.  It's going to be an amazing gathering.  I thought you might like to know who's  registered so far (ignore the numbering; it's a bit screwed up):

         1. Bailey, Bill
     2. Bailey, Marianna
         3. Bingham, Annette
         4. Bingham, Bill
         5. Burke, Katie [ICAI]
         6. Cock, John
     7. Cock, Lynda
         8. Craver, Susan
         9. Crocker, Joe
    10. Crocker, Marilyn
    11. Dunn, David
        12. Elliot, Don
        13. Gilles, Jack 
    14. Gilles, Judy
    15. Greene, Herman
    16. Grow, Bill
        17. Grow, Nan
        20. Harper, Gordon
    21. Hockley, Len
    22. Johnson, Byrne
        23. Johnson, Carole
        24. Jones, Marshall
    25. Kargus, Walt
    26. Kibrick, Eleanor eleanorkibrick at comcast.net
    27. Long, Jean
    28. McCleskey, David
        29. Miller, Sarah [ICAI]
    30. Packard, Elise
        31. Packard, George 
        32. Rebstock, David
    33. Scott, David
    34. Scott, Margaret
    35. Sharp, Marie
          38. Walters, George
    39. Wiegel, Jim

  I wanted to say a word especially about participating remotely.  As Slicker reminds us, we live in a very different century now, and that opens up modes of participation we could only dream of in the last century.  You can be part of this Junaluska meeting without having to be sitting around the table in North Carolina.

  For example, here are three ways:

    a.. First, as in each of the gatherings, we'll put reports daily up on the Repository.  These will be available at: 


    They'll be open to everyone to read; you don't even need to be registered on the Repository to view them.

    b.. Second, any of you with Skype (a free download at skype.com) and an inexpensive mic, can initiate a free call to one of us on Skype at the meeting and then participate (hearing, seeing and speaking through your computer) in real time in as much of it as you wish.  George West, Marshall Jones and Marilyn Crocker, among others, did this at our last gathering in July, and I know several of you are planning to do it this time as well (among these, Slottas, Pat Webb, George West, Canadian colleagues gathered at Abbey North).

    Among the numerous Skype names of those present that you might choose to call in order to do this, a few are gharper1, davidscott635, lenhlenh (Hockley), dmirror (Dunn), icabombay (Gilles), jeanbwatts, m.george.walters, billgrow and jfwiegel.   If one person isn't on line when you call, try another.  Give it a go.

    c.. Third, on Saturday night at least, and perhaps also on Sunday evening, at 8 p.m. EST, we will connect any of you who'd like to be in a corporate conversation about what's happening with some of us on site.  Again, this will happen on Skype.  In this case, however, we'll initiate the conference call, and it will be specifically with those who have expressed an interest in participating in this way.  

    You can join this free from anywhere in the world if you are on Skype.  If you are in the US or Canada, you can also do it by giving us your phone number, and we'll call you on that if you prefer.  We can have up to nine off site people in one conversation, plus as many folks who are physically present as wish to be.

    If you'd like to be called for such a conversation, let me know, and give me either your Skype name or the phone number where you'll be.  Plan to be sitting at your computer, because we'll likely be looking at some things together as we talk. 
  The heart of Springboard for me is to stand present to these new times we are in, to hear from one another what roles we individually find ourselves being called to play now, in this new context, and what roles we might explore playing collectively.  What may come of our time together depends on what we discern and what we decide.

  We do plan to start by asking each of us Friday afternoon to individually write something about what's calling or laying a claim on us personally with respect to the future, sharing some of these and then compiling them for all of us.  Put some of your own thoughts down on this and share them with the rest of us, either by posting them to this listserv, adding them to the Repository site above or when you join the actual conversations underway in NC.

  Even though this will be the largest of the three Springboard gatherings so far, we'll still be a small group in terms of our much wider community.   I think part of our task is to find effective ways to share what we do with that larger body and find ways for any who wish  to participate in this venture to do so.  Share your thoughts as to how we best do that.

  Here we go, sticking our foot into it yet once again --



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