[Springboard] [Oe List ...] Prayers requested for Don Clark

Nancy Lanphear nancy at songaia.com
Wed Nov 28 14:06:59 EST 2007

Dear Marilyn and Joe,

If it is possible to read this poetry to Don and family, would you  
please do so. Our prayers are sent for them as well.  I can imagine  
joining those of you there in song.

  I recall when Don Baker was journeying through the last stages of  
his life on our planet, we (local folks)  as the Order gathered and  
sang.  I remember singing When I'm on my Journey, Those who wait on  
the Lord,  and other songs.  A chant I remember singing was The River  
if Flowing.  I will be singing these songs in my heart.

The River is flowing, flowing and growing,
the river is flowing, down to the sea. (X2)
Mother, carryme, a child I will always be,
Mother, carry me down to the sea.

Thank you (whoever has gathered) for being OUR presence with Don and  
his family.  You are all loved,


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On Nov 27, 2007, at 7:18 PM, Marilyn R Crocker wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> We invite you to be in prayer today and tomorrow with the family and
> friends of our dear colleague Donald Clark as he works toward  
> completing
> his good and full life of service.  Don has been in and out of  
> Southern
> Maine Medical Center for the past several weeks with invasive urinary
> infections.  At present he is back there, wrestling with pneumonia as
> well.  A series of strokes over the past several years has  
> progressively
> compromised his mental and physical capacities.  And yet he has
> persevered without complaints, and has continued to live out of the  
> Word,
> that Life is Good.
> Don's wife, Suemi, and sons Matt, Brad, Craig and their families will
> deeply appreciate good words of encouragement, and any memories you  
> might
> wish to share.  We will happily be that conduit for messages to the
> family at this time when they are understandably consumed with  
> practical
> concerns.
> We, along with David Morton, intend to be the presence of the Order  
> here
> as Don completes his journey.  We will keep you apprised.
> With love and appreciation for our continuing community of faith,
> Marilyn and Joe
> Marilyn R. Crocker, Ed.D
> Crocker & Associates, Inc.
> 123 Sanborn Road
> West Newfield, ME 04095
> (207) 793-3711
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