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Charles or Doris Hahn cdhahn at flash.net
Wed Nov 28 17:01:57 EST 2007

After having just talked with the Geek Squad at Best
Buy a few minutes ago, I can fully appreciate this.
Thanks, Jim.
Doris Hahn

--- James Wiegel <jfwiegel at yahoo.com> wrote:

> In preparation for Junaluska, this video may be
> helpful, especially for those planning to
> participate remotely.  Very helpful.  Jim Wiegel
>   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pyjRj3UMRM
> Gordon Harper <gharper1 at mindspring.com> wrote:
>   Colleagues --
> I'm a bit in awe at how many of us have felt this
> Springboard venture warranted our joining still
> another bloody listserv (there are currently 99 of
> us on it)!  I hope that it's not disappointed you.
> As you know, the third physical gathering of the
> Springboard group happens this weekend in Lake
> Junaluska, NC.  Nearly forty of us are registered to
> attend, with others still considering, and another
> bunch of us planning to participate remotely.  It's
> going to be an amazing gathering.  I thought you
> might like to know who's  registered so far (ignore
> the numbering; it's a bit screwed up):
>        1. Bailey, Bill
>    2. Bailey, Marianna
>        3. Bingham, Annette
>        4. Bingham, Bill
>        5. Burke, Katie [ICAI]
>        6. Cock, John
>    7. Cock, Lynda
>        8. Craver, Susan
>        9. Crocker, Joe
>   10. Crocker, Marilyn
>   11. Dunn, David
>       12. Elliot, Don
>       13. Gilles, Jack 
>   14. Gilles, Judy
>   15. Greene, Herman
>   16. Grow, Bill
>       17. Grow, Nan
>       20. Harper, Gordon
>   21. Hockley, Len
>   22. Johnson, Byrne
>       23. Johnson, Carole
>       24. Jones, Marshall
>   25. Kargus, Walt
>   26. Kibrick, Eleanor eleanorkibrick at comcast.net
>   27. Long, Jean
>   28. McCleskey, David
>       29. Miller, Sarah [ICAI]
>   30. Packard, Elise
>       31. Packard, George 
>       32. Rebstock, David
>   33. Scott, David
>   34. Scott, Margaret
>   35. Sharp, Marie
>         38. Walters, George
>   39. Wiegel, Jim
> I wanted to say a word especially about
> participating remotely.  As Slicker reminds us, we
> live in a very different century now, and that opens
> up modes of participation we could only dream of in
> the last century.  You can be part of this Junaluska
> meeting without having to be sitting around the
> table in North Carolina.
> For example, here are three ways:
>    First, as in each of the gatherings, we'll put
> reports daily up on the Repository.  These will be
> available at: 
> They'll be open to everyone to read; you don't even
> need to be registered on the Repository to view
> them.
>    Second, any of you with Skype (a free download at
> skype.com) and an inexpensive mic, can initiate a
> free call to one of us on Skype at the meeting and
> then participate (hearing, seeing and speaking
> through your computer) in real time in as much of it
> as you wish.  George West, Marshall Jones and
> Marilyn Crocker, among others, did this at our last
> gathering in July, and I know several of you are
> planning to do it this time as well (among these,
> Slottas, Pat Webb, George West, Canadian colleagues
> gathered at Abbey North).
> Among the numerous Skype names of those present that
> you might choose to call in order to do this, a few
> are gharper1, davidscott635, lenhlenh (Hockley),
> dmirror (Dunn), icabombay (Gilles), jeanbwatts,
> m.george.walters, billgrow and jfwiegel.   If one
> person isn't on line when you call, try another. 
> Give it a go.
>    Third, on Saturday night at least, and perhaps
> also on Sunday evening, at 8 p.m. EST, we will
> connect any of you who'd like to be in a corporate
> conversation about what's happening with some of us
> on site.  Again, this will happen on Skype.  In this
> case, however, we'll initiate the conference call,
> and it will be specifically with those who have
> expressed an interest in participating in this way. 
> You can join this free from anywhere in the world if
> you are on Skype.  If you are in the US or Canada,
> you can also do it by giving us your phone number,
> and we'll call you on that if you prefer.  We can
> have up to nine off site people in one conversation,
> plus as many folks who are physically present as
> wish to be.
> If you'd like to be called for such a conversation,
> let me know, and give me either your Skype name or
> the phone number where you'll be.  Plan to be
> sitting at your computer, because we'll likely be
> looking at some things together as we talk.
> The heart of Springboard for me is to stand present
> to these new times we are in, to hear from one
> another what roles we individually find ourselves
> being called to play now, in this new context, and
> what roles we might explore playing collectively. 
> What may come of our time together depends on what
> we discern and what we decide.
> We do plan to start by asking each of us Friday
> afternoon to individually write something about
> what's calling or laying a claim on us personally
> with respect to the future, sharing some of these
> and then compiling them for all of us.  Put some of
> your own thoughts down on this and share them with
> the rest of us, either by posting them to this
> listserv, adding them to the Repository site above
> or when you join the actual conversations underway
> in NC.
> Even though this will be the largest of the three
> Springboard gatherings so far, we'll still be a
> small group in terms of our much wider community.  
> I think part of our task is to find effective ways
> to share what we do with that larger body and find
> ways for any who wish  to participate in this
> venture to do so.  Share your thoughts as to how we
> best do that.
> Here we go, sticking our foot into it yet once again
> --
> Gordon
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