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John, what is the significant mission you are seeing emerge?
  I was struck, at the get together in Abbey North, someone dug out the prolegomena to the rule of the order which was apparently written as an example of the kind of covenant a cadre or  . . . would write.  I won't go into the language, etc. but I was struck with the emphasis on "this specific mission" as an important part of what needed articulation.
  Great words, by the way, from John to my sons on their 30th a couple of weeks ago.

John Cock <jpc2025 at triad.rr.com> wrote:
        Cynthia said:
  What is the "order dynamic"?   Who says that "younger" folks are not doing a significant mission in history?  What more [my underline and blue type] do you/we want?
  Here is part of the paragraph Cynthia is referring to (sorry it was unclear):
  2) How do we get more "younger" folks committed to the order dynamic, yea, the Springboard, for a longer trajectory than most of us have left? . . . How do we line up fifty new ones [younger folks]? 
  I also mentioned six examples of "younger folks," including my two sons. They are doing significant missions. I talked to my older son since I wrote that paragraph and he said he'd be quite interested to do so, but next time give him more than four days to plan to be there. What I'm talking about is their ilk joining with us in the Springboard "order dynamic," which I think is a significant mission that is going somewhere. I want some younger folks to come along and commit to its future. That's all I was talking about in that paragraph. That's the "more" that I want.
  I hope this is more clear.


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  How do we get more "younger" folks committed to the order dynamic,
What is the "order dynamic"?   Who says that "younger" folks are not doing a significant mission in history?  What more do you/we want?
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