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Heavens, Wayne, did not know you were there . . .  Gracias.

Wayne Nelson <wnelson at ica-associates.ca> wrote:  I have loaded the Living Legacy document on our server. You can download it by going to:


It’s a big file and takes a fair amount of time to download.



"Beret Griffith"  wrote:

  Could Carolyn be sent the email addresses of the people on springboard/dialogue/oe and have the document sent to individuals? Or, a notice could be put on the listservs that the document is available and we can request it individually.

At 08:35 AM 11/28/2007, you wrote:
  The report is too large for the Springboard list serve.

  From: Carolyn Antenen <cantenen at mac.com>
Date: November 28, 2007 9:14:45 AM EST
To: James Wiegel <jfwiegel at yahoo.com>, Springboard Dialogue < springboard at wedgeblade.net <mailto:springboard at wedgeblade.net> >
Subject: Fwd: Living Legacy 2007 Report

Hi Jim,

Here you go.
I'm attaching the letter and complete report that went out to all participants.
There's a summary and photos on the ICA USA web pageMailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "ica-usa.htm" claiming to be  ica-usa.org/ <ica-usa.htm> .  The full report is also available to anyone who requests it
from the office.



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Subject: Living Legacy 2007 Report

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of all of the Board and staff of ICA USA, we want to thank you for your attendance and 

wholehearted participation at the Living Legacy event held in Chicago on October 5-7, 2007. Each

and every one of you played, and continues to play,  a valuable role in helping to chart ICA USA’s 

course. Over the next few months, we (Board, Staff, and other stakeholders) will add the valuable 

information gathered at the Living Legacy event to the research we’ve collected throughout the 

year to guide us through the strategic planning process.  2007 has been described as the

“Year of Discernment”; it is our fervent hope that 2008 and beyond be years that ICA USA 

honors all of its founders, pioneers and thousands of volunteers with an organization that is

empowered to empower. We are pleased to share with you the attached Living Legacy 

Event Report.

“We can find common ground only by moving to higher ground.” – Jim Wallis, The Soul of Politics

Warmest regards,

Carolyn Antenen                                               Nino Tillman

President of the Board                                      Executive Director


Carolyn Antenen

cantenen at mac.com
513-368-9836 mobile

Carolyn Antenen
Antenen Properties
cantenen at mac.com
513-368-9836 mobile

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