[Springboard] Prayers requested for Don Clark

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I first met Don through Rolling Ridge in the mid 60s and always experienced
him as a Prior's Prior. His contribution to our heritage was always a solid
and stable presence in whatever situation I encountered him, and a studied
teacher and decision maker who looked for the consensus that was best for


Carol and I pray that this and many other aspects of his life gift to
creation may be celebrated in his "not-being" as much as it was appreciated
in his "being" with us all.


George and Ccarol Walters


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Marilyn and Joe,

We are sorry to hear about Donald.

I have many memories of Don the work he did in New England in the early days
of the movement.

Please tell his family that our thoughts and prayers are with Don and with

Grace and peace,
david and margaret

On Nov 27, 2007 8:18 PM, Marilyn R Crocker <marilyncrocker at juno.com> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to be in prayer today and tomorrow with the family and
friends of our dear colleague Donald Clark as he works toward completing
his good and full life of service.  Don has been in and out of Southern 
Maine Medical Center for the past several weeks with invasive urinary
infections.  At present he is back there, wrestling with pneumonia as
well.  A series of strokes over the past several years has progressively 
compromised his mental and physical capacities.  And yet he has
persevered without complaints, and has continued to live out of the Word,
that Life is Good.

Don's wife, Suemi, and sons Matt, Brad, Craig and their families will 
deeply appreciate good words of encouragement, and any memories you might
wish to share.  We will happily be that conduit for messages to the
family at this time when they are understandably consumed with practical 

We, along with David Morton, intend to be the presence of the Order here
as Don completes his journey.  We will keep you apprised.

With love and appreciation for our continuing community of faith, 

Marilyn and Joe

Marilyn R. Crocker, Ed.D
Crocker & Associates, Inc.
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