[Springboard] Junaluska Gathering

Jack Gilles icabombay at igc.org
Mon Oct 1 06:43:11 EDT 2007


Well said!  I think it is important to explore what we have to add to  
these insights (Senge, Wheatley, Covey etc.).  As I prepare to do the  
TLL tomorrow I have spent some time with Covey's 8th Habit which I  
find quite good.  He covers a lot of what I think is right on target  
regarding transformation, personal mastery etc.  I intend to draw a  
lot from his insights in the first module.

But I think we (the Order) have a lot to add that is not fully  
appreciated or understood.  Things like Contradictional Thinking (the  
gift of life is in the situation and nowhere else), Maneuvers  
(bringing Spirit into all action), Charting/4X4 etc. (trans-rational  
understanding of life) Knowing/Doing/Being (the three universal  
dimensions of life), Transparency (means of revealing the OW in the  
midst of TW),  Profound Humanness (the life-giving presence of  
incarnation).  There are dozens  more we have learned (and somewhat  
mastered) that you won't find in most of the contemporary gurus of  
transformation.  Transmitting, demonstrating and nurturing these into  
the passionate vocated one's of this earth is one hell of a mission.   
At least it is for me and I hope others will want to work on giving  
that form.  And that form not only has to be well thought through, it  
has to be elegantly designed and then creatively shared.   I can't  
wait to shift to doing this work full time, which is what I intend to  
do when we leave India at the end of November.



PS If you haven't gotten the DVD from George Walters on Joe's talks  
from the Faith and Life Community do so and listen to his talk on  
"The New Middle Ages".   Profound and still right on target.  The  
only change is that now we MUST get this job done soon as we don't  
have much time until irreversible change occurs. 

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