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Where can we get Joe's talk (DVD) on the "New Middle Ages"? Maybe that 
should be "required" listening to attend the Junaluska Gathering!

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> Randy,
> Well said!  I think it is important to explore what we have to add to
> these insights (Senge, Wheatley, Covey etc.).  As I prepare to do the
> TLL tomorrow I have spent some time with Covey's 8th Habit which I
> find quite good.  He covers a lot of what I think is right on target
> regarding transformation, personal mastery etc.  I intend to draw a
> lot from his insights in the first module.
> But I think we (the Order) have a lot to add that is not fully
> appreciated or understood.  Things like Contradictional Thinking (the
> gift of life is in the situation and nowhere else), Maneuvers
> (bringing Spirit into all action), Charting/4X4 etc. (trans-rational
> understanding of life) Knowing/Doing/Being (the three universal
> dimensions of life), Transparency (means of revealing the OW in the
> midst of TW),  Profound Humanness (the life-giving presence of
> incarnation).  There are dozens  more we have learned (and somewhat
> mastered) that you won't find in most of the contemporary gurus of
> transformation.  Transmitting, demonstrating and nurturing these into
> the passionate vocated one's of this earth is one hell of a mission.
> At least it is for me and I hope others will want to work on giving
> that form.  And that form not only has to be well thought through, it
> has to be elegantly designed and then creatively shared.   I can't
> wait to shift to doing this work full time, which is what I intend to
> do when we leave India at the end of November.
> G&P,
> Jack
> PS If you haven't gotten the DVD from George Walters on Joe's talks
> from the Faith and Life Community do so and listen to his talk on
> "The New Middle Ages".   Profound and still right on target.  The
> only change is that now we MUST get this job done soon as we don't
> have much time until irreversible change occurs.
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