[Springboard] Prayer of Gratitude

Richard West rwestica at ms69.hinet.net
Sun Oct 7 02:30:22 EDT 2007

Dear Jack,

Fantastic!  It's wonderful how you have taken the TLL and shaped it 
into an invitation to live a full life.  I have no doubt about the 
awe in the room.  Do you have a way to get feedback from the hearers, 
the experiencers of this awe, probably not right away, but several 
weeks or months later?

My own attention goes to what grabs people now in a way that can 
allow them to connect fully to their own possibility.  Any clear 
information we can get to help us know what has most impact and what 
is not useful now would be very helpful. 

I feel a certain sadness that you will essentially no longer be in 
India and wonder about an ICA presence there which will be as 
committed and as comprehensive a presence as you and Judy have been...

And I wonder about Marguerite, find it strange that our emails have 
now been answered.  Can you please find out for me if she is OK and 
why the silence?

Looks as if the NC event is a real spirit success already...  Wonderful!


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