[Springboard] Prayer of Gratitude

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Good question.


I think we said those who care we named the church, and localis us gave us a
focal point to care for them.

Much as we named that final reality - GOD - that which gives and takes all.


We also said that care might be awakened in anyone.


The Niebuhr Paper may still give us our best clues - "thinking, organization
and action" aimed at caring for others.




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I was just reflecting, 30 years ago when we became aware that our mission
was to be "those who care for those who care" we identified those who care
as the local church.  Our curriculum and initial HDPs were created to awaken
and engage them.  How and who do we identify today as being "those who care"
whom we are called to serve?



Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

Last week I did the first module of our modified TLL for a group of 
young managers who are responsible for an Aluminum plant near 
Mumbai. This module was focused on Individual Transformation. 
Since the first day (October 2nd) was Gandhi's birthday (and mine) I 
decided to pull the issue of transformation through his life. I used 
the image many of you know of Michaelangelo's David in which he said 
that David was already in the stone and all he did was to chip away 
the pieces that revealed it. (I've heard the same story about the 
Chinese woodcarver). The point being that the difference between 
transformation and change is that transformation is about revealing 
what is to be in the midst of what is now. I then did an extensive 
spin on the understanding of the implicate order (the OW in the midst 
of TW). I asked them what would it take to release the Gandhi within 
each of them? There was a lot of RS-I like awe in the room. I 
spoke of transparency and of living the brokenness of life. There 
was much more, but you get the drift. The second day I did a spin on 
the Three Great Awakenings of life. In our language they are about 
Justification, Sanctification and Vocation (decision to be the 
Church). The first is the awakening to your humanness, the 
indicative freedom at the core of your being, In the second 
awakening I talked about the eternal YES that is at the heart of 
everything, every event and every person. The third awakening comes 
more slowly, but if you stay awake in the reality of the first two 
awakenings then the Mystery of Life will open the doors and reveal 
the vocation for your life.

Now the point of all this description (there was much, much more) is 
to state the context for my gratitude. I was in rare form, I was ten 
feet tall these three days. But if I was ten feet tall it is because 
I was standing on the shoulders of you and so many other of our 
colleagues. I was deeply aware that anything I had to say was 
because of the life I received and lived in the Order. And the fact 
that so many are still standing in these eternal realities gave me 
courage to declare the possibility to those who were in the 
program. I may have added some of my style to the work, but the 
content credit belongs to you. And I hope you will continue to hold 
me accountable to be the Presence of what I know to be true. In the 
beginning was the Word, and at the end there is the Word and because 
of that reality we can live our life in abundance and fulfillment.

Grace & Peace,


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