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david here --

Thanks for your testimony.

This week I did the S/K model in my religion classes.  I never think about
S/K without remembering that most of what I know about S/K I learned at the
feet of Joe Pierce.

We need to coordinate December/January dates re: Mexico -- so we can
purchase our tickets.
How does this sound:  Fly down on 26th December and return January 10th
(give or take a day one way or the other depending on flight availability.

Let us hear from you.


On 10/6/07, Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org> wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Last week I did the first module of our modified TLL for a group of
> young managers who are responsible for an Aluminum plant near
> Mumbai.  This module was focused on Individual Transformation.
> Since the first day (October 2nd) was Gandhi's birthday (and mine) I
> decided to pull the issue of transformation through his life.  I used
> the image many of you know of Michaelangelo's David in which he said
> that David was already in the stone and all he did was to chip away
> the pieces that revealed it.  (I've heard the same story about the
> Chinese woodcarver).  The point being that the difference between
> transformation and change is that transformation is about revealing
> what is to be in the midst of what is now.  I then did an extensive
> spin on the understanding of the implicate order (the OW in the midst
> of TW).  I asked them what would it take to release the Gandhi within
> each of them?  There was a lot of RS-I like awe in the room.   I
> spoke of transparency and of living the brokenness of life.  There
> was much more, but you get the drift.  The second day I did a spin on
> the Three Great Awakenings of life.  In our language they are about
> Justification, Sanctification and Vocation (decision to be the
> Church).  The first is the awakening to your humanness, the
> indicative freedom at the core of your being,  In the second
> awakening I talked about the eternal YES that is at the heart of
> everything, every event and every person.   The third awakening comes
> more slowly, but if you stay awake in the reality of the first two
> awakenings then the Mystery of Life will open the doors and reveal
> the vocation for your life.
> Now the point of all this description (there was much, much more) is
> to state the context for my gratitude.  I was in rare form, I was ten
> feet tall these three days.  But if I was ten feet tall it is because
> I was standing on the shoulders of you and so many other of our
> colleagues.  I was deeply aware that anything I had to say was
> because of the life I received and lived in the Order.  And the fact
> that so many are still standing in these eternal realities gave me
> courage to declare the possibility to those who were in the
> program.   I may have added some of my style to the work, but the
> content credit belongs to you.   And I hope you will continue to hold
> me accountable to be the Presence of what I know to be true.  In the
> beginning was the Word, and at the end there is the Word and because
> of that reality we can live our life in abundance and fulfillment.
> Grace & Peace,
> Jack
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