[Springboard] how to register for Springboard @ Lake Junaluska: an update

Len Hockley lenh at efn.org
Wed Oct 10 18:11:15 EDT 2007


I want to be on the list as coming.  I called in a reservation coming on 
Thurs and leaving on Mon.

I don't have an airline reservation yet but will check in when I am sure 
when I will arrive.


At 10:19 AM 10/8/2007 -0700, you wrote:
>Call Pat Stone at Junaluska reservations: 800-222-4930 (you might get 
>another reservation agent).
>Ask the agent to put "Wayne Marshall Jones group" on the 'company' line of 
>the reservation form.
>And voila!, you're in, with our 'best rate' of $29/room/night.
>Unless you'd rather stay  at Lakeside Lodge, which has cable TV and two 
>double beds, but no wi-fi and no kitchenette, you'll want to be in the 
>Junaluska Apartments which offer living room, two single beds, 
>kitchenette, and wi-fi, but no TV. A very few apartments have more than 
>one bedroom and shared bath.
>If you're coming from outside the USA, you can send email to 
><mailto:reservations at lakejunaluska.com>reservations at lakejunaluska.com or 
>email me to make the reservation for you.
>Keep those reservations rolling in, folks. And please let me know that 
>you'll be there. I'm still doing a head count.
>Wayne Marshall Jones
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