[Springboard] Anybody remember how to do Keystone planning??

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Hi Jim

Yes I got deployed on four of those to Kenya, Venezuela, Zambia and Jamaica
out of Research Centrum in Chicago just before we cranked up IERD which was
the "BIG" acceleration project put together by people like Stan Gibson and
the DeSousa's in India.


The principal was to get the government and private sector with the
successful core of the existing Band of 24 project demo and put together a
broader collaboration with the government, private sector and other
non-profits concerned with local development to extend and replicate what
had been learned from the demo. Do regional training programs was one of the


Somewhere there are constructs for things like "The Diamond of Zambia". Rob
Work would be the authority on what happened in Jamaica that got the whole
country revved up with the University of the South Indies behind it.


Neil Vance could tell you what his strategy was and how he saw it working in




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In the early and middle 80's, in support of human development projects, a
number of "acceleration" treks were held, with the intent of identifying and
moving on the central projects or initiatives in a community that would
allow it to be really successful as a demonstration and to recover a deep
sense of purpose and spirit in their work.  I thought these were called


Any recollections of these?  I am working with a national association and
this seems to be what they need . . .




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