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Are you two going to be with us at Junaluska? Hope so.


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This focus begins to break open a lot of creativity for me. I am especially
interested in #4 as I uncovered Paul Hawken's work this summer during a
period where I was looking deeply into where "the movement"  flowing is

Thanks John for your insights.

Be well,


My response to agenda query from Jack: 

I think the Junaluska event needs to focus on . . . 

1. a serious intent to write O:E history, headed up by the likes of Epps and
Buss, if we can find him (has he been recruited?)

2. marketing and delivering spirit events/programs in person to enlist
people into __________ (there needs to be something to join at the end of a
great spirit event, like at end of RS-I when we were told story of the Order
-- even if only a public list serv by Jan 2008)

3. building an Order Discipline but maybe keep calling it Sliding Board
Discipline, or whatever 

4. digital focus on methods/models for "the greatest movement on earth"
(e.g., Paul Hawken clip  http://www.blessedunrest.com/video.html
<http://www.blessedunrest.com/video.html> )

. . . and by the end of the three days I hope we will be at the stage of
eternal ecstasy and happiness. 

Questions: How many and who's coming at this point? Do we recruit more if we
have room? What about "new" folks? 

John C. 


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