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Slightly different subject, George . . .
  The IERD -- I have lost track of any manuals or materials describing the Project Documentation Labs or the Rural Development Symposia . . .
  ICAI is looking to a story project and I thought this might be helpful . . .
  Jim Wiegel

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  Hi Jack - just one thought before I loose it

30 years ago we identified the seven revolutions. Some of them were:
The multinational revolution
The women's revolution
The youth revolution
The ethnic revolutions

Looking at the video Cock has put out make me think we need to identify the
leading edge revolutions today around which people are organizing.

There are leaders in each of these, and there are followers. Caring for
those who care will challenge our curriculum building skills to see what it
takes to empower these revolutions.

We will have to dig deep into the first 30 years to see what is enduring
that we need to retain, the last thirty to see what we have invented with
others, and foresee the next 30 demands.

We have to look at delivery systems like those we are experimenting with but
others as well -- technologies and processes. 

More later


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Dear Colleagues,

I think it is time we began to put the agenda together for the Order 
gathering at Lake Junaluska. Earlier I put out some suggestions of 
what I thought we needed to work on, but there hasn't been others 
that have offered items. So I am asking all members of this list 
serve to answer one or both of the following questions.

1. If the Order gathering was able to accomplish ________ or work 
on__________, I would find a way to come! (This question is for 
those who haven't signed up yet.)

2.. I think the Junaluska event needs to focus on_______ and by the 
end of the three days will be at the stage of______.

Now these are just suggested questions, but those of us attending 
want everyone to find a way to be there, either by Skype and/or by 
pushing us to work and accomplish certain objectives. I think about 
2 weeks of input should allow us to see what we will be working on 
and we can begin to do some individual and collective preparations 
for the weekend over the month of November.

Let the conversation begin and please, everyone try and get your 
thoughts into the list serve.

Grace & Peace,


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