[Springboard] who's REALLY coming?

W. J. synergi at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 01:19:18 EDT 2007

After consulting with Gilles & Harper, I think these folks are definitely coming to Springboard/Junaluska:
   Jack Gilles  
     Judy Gilles
     Gordon Harper
     Len Hockley
     John Cock
     Lynda Cock
     Bill Bailey
     Marianna Bailey
     Susan Craver
     Jean Long
     Marshall Jones
     Marilyn Crocker
     Joe Crocker
     Herman Greene
     David Rebstock
     George Walters
     Sarah Miller [ICAI]
     Nelson Stover
     Elaine Stover
     Bill Grow
     Nan Grow
     David Dunn
     Blaise Sands [Sat only]
     Rosanne Sands [Sat only]
     David McCleskey
   Pat Webb
  Please let me know if I've somehow managed to leave your name off the list.
  Others are in the actively planning/considering column. Please let me know if your name belongs in this column.
  Marshall Jones
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