[Springboard] Junaluska Gathering

Jack Gilles icabombay at igc.org
Mon Oct 22 01:21:55 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

It looks like we will have close to 30 at the Junaluska event with  
several people still considering coming.  We are beginning to get  
some good responses to the work we need to do and the priorities we  
need to deal with.  I would urge everyone to continue to give input  
for the gathering.

I thought I would add another reason to come to the gathering.  As  
Judy and I have prepared for our departure from India we have decided  
to scan kilos of documents into our computers rather than carry all  
that hard copy with us, about 400 megabytes worth!  We would be  
willing to share any of that with those who would like copies for  
their own files.  Some of the things included are:

1.  Over 50 talks by JWM not found on the Golden Pathways CD
2.  10 talks on the OW not on GP CD
3.  4 talks on DN/LM
4.  Various papers on Spirit, NRM, the Order, Social Change and all  
the talks from Order Council 1978 (New Reality)
5.  The Spirit Methods Manual (73) and the Academy Guru Guide Manual  
6.  A whole host of Models including many on Training and Formation.   
Psalm and Spirit Conversation, Seminar Method,  plus some real gems  
by JWM on Charting and RS-I.

See you there!!

Jack & Judy

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