[Springboard] Why no response to these questions, please?

George R Packard george.packard1 at rcn.com
Mon Oct 22 10:39:21 EDT 2007

It is my intent to come with the caveate that I am committed to teach a
course that was set last spring on those same dates and is not as yet and
won't be confirmed in terms of numbers till Nov 12. I am assuming that I
could still register if there is not 80 at that time.(?)
George Packard


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Coming to Junaluska: by my calculations a nose count of fewer than thirty,
more or less. 
But some have not yet made their air reservations or registered for a room
or asked for a roommate who's already registered, or let me know of their
intent to be there.
Please respond by email to me if you wish to join us, have not already told
me you're coming.
Maximum we can take: could get 80 in the large conference room with seating
@ 18" wide tables, more without the tables.
So at this point I'm happy with anybody recruiting anybody who decides
they're appropriate, keeping in mind the context and common purpose we
share. However, I'm just carrying water, not on the planning committee.
Haven't yet heard a word from the Grows, so can't confirm their intentions. 
G. Walters says he's coming. There may be others who are coming but who
haven't yet told me. And some of us just haven't gotten everything totally
lined up yet.
Not to worry, we'll take your reservation right up until the last second,
and in this case there's always more room at the Inn.

John Cock <jpc2025 at triad.rr.com> wrote:

Questions: How many and who's coming at this point? Do we recruit more if we
have room? What about "new" folks? 
John C. 
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My response to agenda query from Jack: 
I think the Junaluska event needs to focus on . . . 

1. a serious intent to write O:E history, headed up by the likes of Epps and
Buss, if we can find him (has he been recruited?)
2. marketing and delivering spirit events/programs in person to enlist
people into __________ (there needs to be something to join at the end of a
great spirit event, like at end of RS-I when we were told story of the Order
-- even if only a public list serv by Jan 2008)
3. building an Order Discipline but maybe keep calling it Sliding Board
Discipline, or whatever 
4. digital focus on methods/models for "the greatest movement on earth"
(e.g., Paul Hawken clip   <http://www.blessedunrest.com/video.html>
http://www.blessedunrest.com/video.html )

. . . and by the end of the three days I hope we will be at the stage of
eternal ecstasy and happiness. 

Questions: How many and who's coming at this point? Do we recruit more if we
have room? What about "new" folks? 
John C. 

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