[Springboard] Lake Junaluska Springboard meeting accommodations Nov 30-Dec 2

W. J. synergi at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 12:09:18 EDT 2007

Funny you should ask that question! I just got off the phone with the Assembly (Pat in Reservations: 800/222-4930).
  Assuming our meeting space at the Foundation for Evangelism is cleared (and I'll know that today) we're suggesting that most participants stay across the street at Lake Junaluska Apartments or at Lakeside Lodge adjacent to the Apartments.
  Most of the Apartments have one BR w/ twin beds. All have private bath, kitchenette, heat & A/C, but no phone, no pool, no pets, (and no TV). The Lodge has phone and TV, and is a "Motel 6 type facility" with heat & A/C, two double beds in each room, but no kitchenette.
  The "minister's special" is $29/night at either facility. This rate is available to "ministers and paid staff of any denomination."
  You could mention my name ("Wayne Marshall Jones") as organizer. They think it's an informal group of about 30 who are a buncha retired missionaries and ministers, etc. Which we kinda are! However, to get the "minister's special" individual rate, we are NOT a conference (with meals, meeting rooms @ a hotel, etc.). But you have to call individually and ask for that rate, and say that you quality for the minister's/staff rate. If they ask what denomination, you could say the magic words "Ecumenical Institute."
  P.S. Folks, they're wide open B4 and after that weekend, so come early, stay late!

Bill Bailey <bailey03132 at charter.net> wrote:
                Where would you suggest that Marianna and I stay that would be close and walk able to the facility where the springboard meeting is held.
  Bill Bailey

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