[Springboard] A Second Welcome

Marianne and Clancy Mann cmmann1 at comcast.net
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Greeting, Gordon (I think this message is going to Gordon but can't be sure).  We have not signed up for this list serve but we are still getting lots of messages.  After discussing this, we have decided not to sign up now.  We are both over committed at the moment and wouldn't be able to keep up with it.  Perhaps, later we could sign up.

So, if we are on the list, please delete our email address.  Greetings to all.  
Take care, Marianne and Clancy
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  Colleagues --

  You should by now have received a formal Welcome note in your email from this new thingamajig called the Springboard Listserv.  Those of you who were at the gathering at the Pattersons this summer will have a good idea what it is--others of you may be filled with wonder.  Brother Gilles is preparing and following this note with a content-full message on behalf of the little Springboard steering group that will hopefully explain everything.  It will be in most of your inboxes by the time you read this.  

  The purpose of this note is to suggest that if you do choose to be a part of this listserv, you should click on the long link in your formal welcome note (the link with your email address embedded in it) and go to your subscription page.  Scroll down that page, and you'll see the spot where you can replace that weird, automatically generated password given you by the system to something that you can love and (more important) remember.  It would be good to do this right away.

  This list works the same way the Dialogue and OE lists do.  To send a message to everyone on it, use springboard at wedgeblade.net.  To send  or reply to only one person, use that individual's email address.  These days, most of us are pretty familiar with how these listservs operate--and if you're not, don't hesitate to ask questions, and one of us will get right on answering them.

  Jack: you're on --

  Gordon Harper


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