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Dear Marilyn, Joe, and everybody on this list,
  I hope you'll ALL be there. Please let me know as soon as you have 'tentative' or reasonably 'certain' plans. I'd like to at least put you on the 'maybe' list if you let me know now. 
  No rush, but I AM doing a head count.
  While you MAY be able to get the $29/night room rate until the last minute (or find a colleague with an available extra bed), it's wise to reserve ahead, and to know in advance where you're bunking (& with whom, if you need a roommate.) Contact me for available roommate matching. 
  If you're flying, it's best to nail the reservations well in advance. You can fly nonstop into AVL (Asheville) from 9 cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Newark, Orlando, and Philadelphia. Additional nonstops into GSP (Greenville/Spartanburg) fly from Chicago, Dallas, and Memphis (and you can rent a car from $13.95/day!). Or fly nonstop from any major city to Atlanta or Charlotte. I'll sign you guys up to carpool from an airport. (I'm driving from CLT on Thursday, Nov. 29. Check with me for seat availability.)
  Don't be deterred by your normal propensity to put off deciding. Just do it now. OR...come anyway if you can't lock it in till the last minute! (Can't do better than that, can we?)
  There's no hard registration limit, but we have just one large conference room (48' X 48'!). Across the street are the Lake Junaluska Apartments, each of which has a living room (w/bath & kitchenette) that, with the permission of the occupant, we could use as a breakout (& late-nite work/social) space (probably no wi-fi there, unless it 'leaks' across the road). Plus there's a chapel for meditation, prayer, and a Daily Office.
  Marilyn, thanks for your kind words and fond memories. For some reason I was always around whenever there was a fire in the Kemper Building. Part of being sensitive and responsive (to smoke), I guess. 
  I'm grateful to still be alive & kicking (and, yes, I intentionally split the infinitive). And we will all make this a very special occasion, if not a 'last hurrah'. I for one want to make the most of whatever energy I have left.
  Marshall Jones
  P.S. Want more than just a weekend at Lake Junaluska? "Stay and play" in the Smokies with old colleagues. We'll organize a lot of fun things to do. We deserve it! There's also a 'Christmas at Junaluska' ElderHostel for the 50+ crowd starting at 3 pm Sunday Dec. 1 at Lambuth Inn (which will be HIGHLY decorated for Christmas--you should see it!). For program description, go to http://www.elderhostel.org/programs/programdetail.asp?RowId=1-3UPLRC
  And don't forget to check out http://www.polarismaps.com/portfoli/hywdp.jpg and click on the image to see the enlargement!
  Marilyn R Crocker <marilyncrocker at juno.com> wrote:
      Hey there Marshall (former next door neighbor on the 7th floor of Kemper so many years ago),
  The best reason for me is that you have made this possible and will be there!!
  Thanks so much -- (also for saving Ben and Jon from ultimate immolation when, whilst sleeping, Ben dropped his pillow from the top bunk onto the electric heater and YOU smelled the smoke and ran down the hall to disconnect the master switch, screaming FIRE!!, FIRE!!
  And we all fell into line... right down the stairs and across the street, huddling in our robes and nighties, just as "Chicago's best" were storming up the stairs, wielding axes, throwing open sashes and tossing the offending heater out the window to crash onto the sidewalk of 4750, thankfully not decapitating any innocent passer by. 
  Bless you forever, dear one.
  On Wed, 5 Sep 2007 15:04:20 -0700 (PDT) "W. J." <synergi at yahoo.com> writes:
    OK, guys, here I go sounding like a travel agent!
  This list is on TOP of all the reasons why you just have to be at the Springboard meeting (no matter where it's being held) Nov 30-Dec. 2.
  Here's my TOP TEN reasons to come to Lake Junaluska.
  1. It's cheap. (Like $29/room/night for up to 4 people! Who can beat that?)
  2. It's accessible from Interstate 40 west of Asheville, and by air [AVL, CLT, or ATL].
  3. It's within DRIVING DISTANCE of half the US population. Drivable in one day from Chicago, the Midwest, the eastern Seaboard, and the Southeast.
  4. It's at the center of Haywood County, NC, which includes the eastern edge of the Great Smokies National Park, the most visited national park, and is circled by the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.
  5. Get yourself some Nature to nurture your soul. We have skiing, golfing, horseback riding into the Park, camping, hiking the Appalachian Trail through the Park, a scenic railroad trip through the Nantahala Gorge, whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River (they turn off the water at night!), boating on the Lake, fishing, plus you can hike up the real Cold Mountain or try panning for gold. Or visit the Old Pressley Sapphire Mine in Canton.
  6. Sample the Cul-cha. Mountain clogging, stompin', southern Appalachian folk music, folk tale telling, mountain crafts, antique-ing, great Southern cookin', Dolly Parton's Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, and (weekends thru November) Ghost Town in the Sky above Maggie Valley.
  7. Visit the premiere area attraction, Biltmore House in Asheville. It's all dolled up for Christmas with antique toys and decor.
  8. We got the World Methodist Museum with an awful lotta Wesleyana. (I usta work there as a teenager! I'll give you a tour.)
  9. Get in some fresh air and exercise. Run, walk, or ride your bike around the Lake on a dedicated footpath. Or just relax in a rocking chair and catch an amazing sunset.
  10. Don't climb every mountain of care, but climb the one that has your name on it. Or drive to the top on all-weather highways and just enjoy the view. But bring lots of extra layers of clothing for the higher altitudes. Try this astounding image: http://www.polarismaps.com/portfoli/hywdp.jpg
  11. OK, I know its more than 10, but we're meeting in a new state-of-the-art conference facility. With parking, wi-fi, and all kinda projection video. We might even show Requiem for a Heavyweight.
  See you there!
  Marshall Jones
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