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Bill Salmon wsalmon at cox.net
Fri Sep 7 19:58:10 EDT 2007

Colleagues on the Journey:
    On September 25th the IHOP Bible Study begins a new lesson on 1 Thessalonians. Severn years ago I started the IHOP Bible Study (on Tuesday mornings we meet at the International House of Pancakes). This study uses my invention called Gut Trip Analysis that is experiential, existential and relational in its approach; We are not interested in what we KNOW about the Bible, but seek to answer the question, "How do we EXPERIENCE IT?" The approach is revolutionary. 
    The materials can be participatory, or not, depending on your interests. 
    The archives can be viewed at www. triumc.org/web1/biblestudy. 
    A sister publication, using the same approach, is called SermonStarter. This uses the same approach applied to the three-year cycle of the lectionary. While this material is developed for those in the active preaching ministry everyone will find the background material interesting and helpful.
    In the next few monthS, both of these weekly publications will be merged to create a Bible Commentary. 
    I look forward to your subscription at biblestudy at triumc.org. In the "Subject" line write one word  subscribe. To subscribe to SermonStarter send an email to sermonstarter at triumc.org.
    Inner Peace!
    Pastor Bill
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