[Springboard] Junaluska Gathering

Jack Gilles icabombay at igc.org
Mon Sep 24 06:36:33 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

We are beginning to get a nice number of colleagues signed up for the  
November 30, December 1,2 gathering of the Order.  We would hope as  
many of you as possible will choose to come.  It is shaping up as a  
pivotal event.  I want us to begin the pre-meeting dialogue regarding  
both the goals/products and agenda/process.

I believe after the first two gatherings we are ready to move into  
action team mode.  There are three areas that we will create products  
and future work areas.

1.  The Virtual Connectivity - This is the team working on our  
communications and our web sites.  We need to decide how we create  
the means for us to communicate, do research, work with the people  
(TWC) i.e. the Guild site and how we might conduct on-line training,  
formation, model sharing etc.  This is a large task and we need to  
prioritize our products in coordination with the Global Guild and  
Wisdom Repository work.

2.  The Global Guild - This is the focus of our "caring for those who  
care".  What if we were to design and conduct something like an on- 
line Academy for formation of "Spirit giants".   Imagine a 1 year  
program with many of us leading different modules for focused  Guild  
areas, like the Education Guild.  What would be the constructs,  
models, methods etc. that we would offer?  What would be the flow of  
the process?  How might the participants be part of an on-going  
research effort?  Is there a University we might associate with?  How  
would we enable people to exchange models/ideas as well as access  
Repository wisdom?  Who are the "vocated" ones and how do we contact  
them and engage them in the work?  How would we let people know of  
our services (check out <www.wiserearth.org>.  These are but a few of  
the many practical questions we need to explore.

3.  Repository Wisdom - All three of these areas are interconnected.   
If we are going to share our depth wisdom (i.e. NRM, OW, Profound  
Humanness or HDP, Social Methods, etc.) how do we get it into shape  
for sharing?  What are the new understandings and experiences  
regarding methods, spirit, social change, personal mastery etc., that  
we have individually explored and how might we share it or model it  
for sharing with others?  What other publications/videos/CDs etc.  
should we prioritize for Resurgenence Publishing?  What are possible  
funding mechanisms for all of this?  How do we augment the fabulous  
video interviews that the Wiegels have been doing and how might they  
be shared?

I guess there is also a fourth area and that would be expanding the  
Order base.  Who are the new people we have met that need to be part  
of this work?  Is there a formation component we need to begin to  
think about?

These are some of the questions that I feel we should talk about  
before the gathering and see if we can begin to bring the Order  
Gathering into sharp focus.  I have been doing a lot of thinking on  
all three areas, but will share those thoughts at a later time.  I  
would ask all of you to add your thoughts and questions to what I  
have written above.  Let's begin the dialogue.

Grace & Peace,

Jack Gilles

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