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Neat promo piece, Nelson, et al. Know the program will be meaningful,
judging from your "Participation Paradigm Training" event. Send us a report
before our next Springboard meeting -- or hand deliver it.

John C.

We will also send report about our 15-hour, 4-session, secular-language
"Profound Journey Dialog" event this Friday and Saturday in Denver,
comparing it to the religious-language "Spirit Journey Retreat" we led in MN
during 2/07 -- both are adaptations of RS-I, as will be much of yours from
The Courage to Lead. Throw in the 6th Facilitation Module they just tested
this month in Australia, there are profound events and models popping up all
round. Way to go, RS-I pioneers throughout history.

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We've been having a very good response to our "Courage to Lead" study
groups.   http://icacan.ca/ctl.cfm


Jack said

Repository Wisdom - - - What if we were to design and conduct something like
an on- line Academy for formation of "Spirit giants".
Imagine a 1 year  program with many of us leading different modules for
focused  Guild  areas, like the Education Guild.  What would be the
constructs, models, methods etc. that we would offer?

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