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Dear Larry,
  Certainly individual transformation is at the heart of all permanent change.  Given that fact, two thoughts come to mind.  One, I remember that we identified the three major contradictions of society as economic domination, political powerless and cultural disenfranchisement.  The "master" strategies with which we sought to resolve the contradictions were contextual reeducation, structural reformulation and spiritual remotivation.  My question has to do with structural reformulation.
  Second, some years ago Peter Senge and his colleagues at MIT began to talk about "learning organizations," suggesting that not just individuals in an organization learn, but the organization itself, as a living, organic, systematic entity, also learns.  What he means is that organizations undergo the same sort of transformation, or conversion of heart and mind if you will, that individuals do.
  Hence my question was what are the programs or approaches that are aimed at organizational learning, i.e. the transformation of the organizational culture itself.  What this acknowledges is, I believe, that it's not just the thinking and actions of individuals that shape organizations, but the organization, for better or worse, shapes the thinking and actions of the people who are part of it.
  Thanks for asking for clarification.  I hope this helps.

Lawrence Philbrook <icalarry at ms69.hinet.net> wrote:
  Dear Randy

We have been working in several areas in working with individuals especially in the Facilitation Certification Program and in organizations through leadership training and leadership mentoring.  Part of our task it bring awareness of the authentic struggles and successes that each person brings to their task and vocation of leadership. What is your specific question?

Last week I was meeting with the Generative Change Community in Manila and they asked what made the community of facilitators different in Taiwan and the spirit different.  One of the people with who is an old colleague and facilitator answered that the key has been having the Wests and the Philbrooks the ICA in Taiwan, the methods or processes can be transformative but the key is the willingness of our colleagues to share their own lives in humility and to invite others to do so as well. This vulnerability demonstrates service and spirit.  

I was speechless and did not know what to say. Now a week later my interpretation is  living a life of spirit is not about perfection but the reality of continuous work on the discipline of living as authentically as I can at every moment and inviting others to do the same.

With respect, Larry

R Williams wrote:     Jack and all,
  I am reading with interest of the various offerings that have, I assume, spun off from RS-1, like the Courage to Lead and Cock's weekend that calls forth spirit giants.  These are apparently geared to individual transformation and development, as was RS-1.  I am wondering if anyone has developed program approaches aimed at the transformation and development of organizations?

Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org> wrote:

I have always thought that Courage to Lead was a fine way to present 
our historical spirit work. Thanks for reminding us. I would love 
to hear more on just how people are responding to it; what do they 
find most helpful, have you added any "twists" to it etc. Do you 
think it might be the basic component in a larger program that could 
include other methods and work and do you think it would work on-line?


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