[Springboard] Remembering David

n.trask at mchsi.com n.trask at mchsi.com
Fri Aug 8 13:16:44 EDT 2008

Dear David and Pat - 
I am thinking about you every day.  While knowing that you are proceeding on 
your own journey, I am on a path westward to Wyoming for a little vacation from 
my usual library duties.  I'm glad John got to stop by and have a visit with 
you on his way to Iowa to see Austin and Ashleigh.  He mentioned that you 
remembered my agreement to edit your book, and I would certainly love to do 
that, and hope you will send me the manuscript.  

I have such fond memories of working with you, David, as you always represented 
to me the place where the buck stopped, in Harry Truman terms.  You were there, 
you were professional, and you were full of care for the comprehensive.  I 
recently dug out a file box that contained my journal from Maharashtra Month in 
1978.  That was where I met you & took note of your great presence.  

One of your signal contributions, in addition to so many others, was the "open 
process" devised on the fly at the IERD.  We had to be responsive to the 
participants, and as a result I think you stayed up every night working with 
those who cared on the processes for the coming day.  It was one of the best 
times of my life.  

I just came across a wonderful book from Edward Abbey called "Beyond the 
Wall."  And he says in his preface about the American West, something that 
applies to you and to your life-work, providing spirit depth in the 
world:  "What we need now are heroes.  And heroines.  About a million of them.  
One brave deed is worth a thousand books.  Sentiment without action is the ruin 
of the soul."

You have stood tall as one of those great heroes for our time, one whose 
sentiment was thrust into history by action.  With the rest of our great group, 
I sing along - Journey On, Journey On ...
Nancy Trask 

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