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Beret, Ron,

I am with you in spirit as you enter this new phase of your life.? You are blessed with a large community of supporters, whose love will help you along the way.

Don Elliott

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Beret and Ron,
I am enveloped with the pain and the grief at the same time as the 
awareness of the love surrounding you both enters my plane of awareness.
You are so loved, so thought of, and I will light my candle and offer a 
healing prayer for Ron again and again. We leave in a few minutes for a 
Sufi Retreat in the Redwoods. There will be a time for healing prayer when 
we enter the circle with our concern and I will enter with prayers for Ron. 
Those around me will pick it up and send it into the universe of love.
Right now Len and I surround you with our love.

At 10:38 PM 8/27/2008 -0500, Beret Griffith wrote:
>Dear friends and colleagues,
>About a month ago Ron was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Stage IV.
>In early July he developed itching all over his body, which we were
>tracking as an allergy because of a recent fairly serious allergic
>reaction to something undetermined. He was treated for an allergy for
>about three weeks. One night he was talking with our daughter-in-law
>nurse and she asked if he'd had his liver enzymes checked. He hadn't
>and went in the next day for a blood test which indicated his liver
>was way out of whack. About that time he also became a bit jaundiced.
>We were at the cabin when the doctor called about the liver test
>results and he said to get to an emergency room as soon as possible.
>We went a Mayo affiliated hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where he
>had a CT scan. A tumor was discovered. He had a further test in Eau
>Claire and a cancerous lymph node beneath the liver was also discovered.
>We headed back to Northfield and to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.
>After some excitement at the possibility of aggressive chemotherapy
>and then surgery, a laparoscopy indicated the cancer has spread
>fairly extensively. He is now getting chemotherapy and goes once a
>week for three weeks with a week off, for two cycles. At the end of
>October he will have a CT scan to determine how the chemo is working.
>He has had two chemo treatments with no side effects. They g
ive him
>steroids before chemo so he actually has quite a bit of energy.
>Weight loss and summer tan make for a healthy look.
>We've been in the midst of several family celebrations and take time
>from the medical universe to head for our cabin in Wisconsin. The
>medical crew at Mayo is outstanding, multi-cultural, skilled, filled
>with wisdom and humor and we are grateful to be an hour from
>excellent medical treatment.
>This is a sea change in our lives. We are taking it all in, living in
>the present and appreciating the support of our  family, friends, and
>the Northfield community.
>We each have our current favorite quotes. Ron's is from Sandy Schuman
>a long time IAF colleague:
>Meaning is all we want.
>Choices are all we make.
>Relationships are all we have.
>Beret's is from our very own David Dunn:
>Life is indescribably full,
>Unfalteringly real,
>and unfailingly good.
>With gratitude,
>Beret and Ron Griffith
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