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In response #3, in case people haven't looked at these yet, I think it would
be worth looking at either Blog technology (something like Wordpress that
allows multiple authors, I think Typepad might also allow for this) and/or
Social Networking technology (Ning is a service that lets you create your
own social network: http://www.ning.com/). Obviously, we would need to
clarify our requirements before evaluating different solutions, but I wanted
to throw these into the mix. 

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Dear Colleagues,

A few of us, on behalf of all, had a conversation regarding the invitation
by Nino Tillman to have our next gathering in Chicago, hosted by the ICA-USA
and the ICA Board.  As this option was explored, it became evident that this
is not the time for holding an event in Kemper.  The ICA is not equipped to
host a large group effectively at this time and we felt that it was probably
premature to return there, as the Springboard is moving in a different
direction.  So we have decided to take up the offer of the Denver team to
return there for our gathering.  They are delighted to host us again, and I
can testify that they did a magnificent job for us before.  Many, if not
most of us, will be hosted in colleagues' homes. The meeting place will
accommodate about 30 of us comfortably and we might be fine for another 10
or so if necessary.  The team who held the conversation would like to
suggest we look seriously at a travel pool so that we could all pay the same
amount to get there.  The dates are the same that we set at the Junaluska
gathering: March 28th, around noon till Sunday, March 30th around lunch.  A
few of us intend to arrive (all are welcome!) on Thursday to do some prep
work like last time.  We also have some who have indicated a Friday
afternoon-evening arrival which is fine also.  The Denver team will be
getting out details for us in the next few days.

We spent some time talking through just what to accomplish at this
gathering.  In the first instance, this is a subject for all of us, not just
the coordinating group.  So we really want everyone,  
attending or not, to speak where they feel we need to move.   Our  
first suggestion is that those who headed up groups at Junaluska share with
us what they see as the next steps.  This does not need to be limited to
this Denver gathering, but can be longer range also.

The Junaluska gathering was filled with profound care and a real sense of
effulgence that is not easy to communicate in the reports that were written.
The passion is there to move quickly forward and the world is waiting for
our creative response to these critical times.

I have agreed to get the ball rolling with some personal thoughts on where I
feel we are and what we need to work on.

In the three gatherings so far, we have demonstrated that there is indeed a
great desire by a all of us to work together in a number of creative areas
under the larger umbrella of "Caring for Those Who Care."  These include
work on the Guild, the Archives/Repository, the 21st Century Contradictions,
Expanded Participation, Study Resources, Competencies and Stories and the
formation of  a new body in history, which can be called an Order but may be
imaged as something different.  A lot of very thoughtful and insightful work
has been done by many of us.  I would urge everyone to review the documents
posted on the Repository page on the Junaluska task forces.

For me, I feel that we are now at a critical point in our collective journey
after three great gatherings this last year.  We need to boldly move into
action.  I suggest the following as working images of our task.

1.  Decide who and how we intend to care for those who care, pick a
group(s) and devise a strategy and timeline for getting something launched.
2.  Get realistic on what we can and cannot do without some serious funding.
I would want us to explore getting some funding proposals written for the
Archives work and also for the creative new work that is needed that would
be part of the repository/guild resources.  We have so many great minds that
need to be engaged and financially supported in this work and we have the
story and capability to make it happen.
3.  In light of the above (#2), we need to continue to make the  
Repository a vital, user friendly, and very interactive web site.   
There are many wonderful sites on the net that do an effective job of
creative dialogue in their design and management that we can learn from.  We
have not mastered the ability to work on these task-forces with the
engagement of the larger body of us effectively, and this needs work.  We
can't just do this work during the three times we meet a year.
4.  We need a plan and assignments to expand participation, both attendance,
but more importantly, in the various tasks we are engaged in.  Since I still
have strong relationships in India and am building new ones here in Mexico,
we want a way for these people to feel a co- equal part of this body.  Our
future will depend on the effectiveness of engaging this much larger body of
people.  How they become part of the "Order thing" is something we will need
to work out, but we have time for that.

Grace & Peace,

Jack Gilles

P.S.  Let's collect some songs that we can sing that are recent OW or
consciousness related.  The Denver team will be glad to collect and publish
for our gathering the songs we suggest.

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