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It's the tag on the toe, the tag on the toe, just look!

On Jan 2, 2008, at 7:48 PM, gharper1 at mindspring.com wrote:

> Damn--Afraid I Misunderstood!
> I was so sure we said on the underside of our eyelids!  At any rate,  
> that's where I had mine done.
> Can you return a tattoo?  Or exchange it?
> Gordon
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> Bill, thanks for sending the story.  It is great.  Were the  
> questions helpful?
> For those of you who have not yet sent their stories, the link is:
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=JIzLYa9COq5YFf_2fQyUpCHw_3d_3d
> On your question about glue, Bill -- someone sent out an email on  
> this . . . and I lost it . . .
> Gordon, Jack,
> Do you have the email with the picture of the tattoo of the  
> earthrise we are all engraving at the base of our spines??  Bill  
> (see below) did not see that one.  I hurt my back over the holidays  
> and cannot twist around to take a close enough picture of mine to  
> pass the censors or post on my personal page.
> Wiegel (further comments below, way below)
> Bill Salmon <wsalmon at cox.net> wrote:
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> Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 15:10:53 -0600
> Subject: [Oe List ...] Salmon: Where's the glue?
> Colleagues:
>     Like most of you I'm frequently awakened to discover I've been  
> thinking about the material out of Junaluska, and there seems to be  
> something missing. So I share this reflection with you and, perhaps,  
> you can set my mind at rest.
>     Rev. Joe Buckles (from Kansas) was responsible for my desire to  
> join the Order. One day I visited with Joe in Chicago when  
> everything was run out of our facilities at 5th City. He greeted me  
> warmly and asked what I was doing now. I launched into my best  
> presentation about establishing the Lake Ministries in the State of  
> Kansas, and how deeply involved I was in recreational ministries.
>     Joe looked at me and replied, "Um-m, too bad your work is so  
> reduced. The world needs your spiritual energy rather than just the  
> state of Kansas." I laughed off his spiritual dart, but the truth  
> was too clear to be ignored. Shortly after that both Beverly and I  
> were on our way to the Ordered Life.
>     What was it that held us together? As I remember, one thing was  
> the critique that we were Nothings in history because we made  
> paramount The Great Awakening to live the humane life by creating  
> structures for the Human Factor in Human Development. The point  
> being, we became the nothings so that our secular-religious Christ  
> could be everything.
>     We lived on behalf of those unable to, unwilling to, or in  
> denial about, living the Awakened Life against the day when all the  
> earth would live the awakened life  together.
>     For this purpose we used the traditions of the Christian Church  
> as the theological glue to hold us as one. This was grounded in the  
> Daily Office and the Sunday evening Common Meal.
>     Did anything like this get raised at Junaluska?
>     Maybe I've been reading too much of "Mother Teresa: Come Be My  
> Light." Here is the living embodiment of Transparent Doing done in  
> the midnight of her soul that experienced the entire absence of  
> faith. She stood as the little Dutch Girl with her finger in the  
> dyke holding back the destructive waters of social degradation  
> against the day the Missionaries of Charity would have the  
> structures in place to do what history needed them to do.
>      Maybe this is what our Order is experiencing since 1988?  
> Certainly, this has been a dark night of our corporate soul, but  
> I've lost sight of the transparent awakening event the world is  
> waiting for.
>     The lesson I keep coming back to is the glue that held her  
> together, and that of her sisters/brothers, and that kept her work  
> going was the Eucharist. If, and when, the Order again finds its  
> voice, what will be the Eucharist that sustains it?
>     Enlightenment please!
>     Bill Salmon
> Jim Wiegel here.  This is a good question.  I have not read Mother  
> Teresa's book.  Bill Bailey sent me a CD of their advent service and  
> that was interesting, and I found an old book that had Chardin's  
> Mass on the World in it, and that was even more interesting in this  
> regard.
> I think we have not gotten further than to suggest putting personal  
> pages on the repository web site as a sign that you acknowledge the  
> declaration that was drafted. (That is, in addition to the tattoo)
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