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Hey you dear "guys",

This gal recalls we said that:
RSI (and all our methods that emerged from that understanding of TWLI)
was branded on our eyelids;
When we were deployed overseas, we needed to be able to teach RSI in an
instant, even as we passed another person, while "swinging across the
jungle on a vine." [I attribute this last image to Slicker];
"Cutting off the right arm" was what might be required in our time (the
20th C) to signify being the Church; and
 When all was finally at stake, we would, collectively, from every point
across the globe, move backwards toward Chicago, brandishing our
"swords," to protect our sacred place of Origin.
So, the notch in the ear and the toe tag (for one who has always worn ear
baubles of some kind, and painted her toes) are not as memorable.  But
any common glue is good glue, I say.

Peace and affection,


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On Thu, 3 Jan 2008 09:18:06 -0600 Richard Alton <dick_alton at hotmail.com>
Wow, and I thought it was the notch in the ear! Can you return a notch?

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Where's the glue?

It's the tag on the toe, the tag on the toe, just look!


On Jan 2, 2008, at 7:48 PM, gharper1 at mindspring.com wrote:

Damn--Afraid I Misunderstood! 

I was so sure we said on the underside of our eyelids!  At any rate,
that's where I had mine done.

Can you return a tattoo?  Or exchange it?


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Bill, thanks for sending the story.  It is great.  Were the questions

For those of you who have not yet sent their stories, the link is:


On your question about glue, Bill -- someone sent out an email on this .
. . and I lost it . . .

Gordon, Jack,

Do you have the email with the picture of the tattoo of the earthrise we
are all engraving at the base of our spines??  Bill (see below) did not
see that one.  I hurt my back over the holidays and cannot twist around
to take a close enough picture of mine to pass the censors or post on my
personal page.

Wiegel (further comments below, way below)

Bill Salmon <wsalmon at cox.net> wrote:
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Subject: [Oe List ...] Salmon: Where's the glue?

    Like most of you I'm frequently awakened to discover I've been
thinking about the material out of Junaluska, and there seems to be
something missing. So I share this reflection with you and, perhaps, you
can set my mind at rest.
    Rev. Joe Buckles (from Kansas) was responsible for my desire to join
the Order. One day I visited with Joe in Chicago when everything was run
out of our facilities at 5th City. He greeted me warmly and asked what I
was doing now. I launched into my best presentation about establishing
the Lake Ministries in the State of Kansas, and how deeply involved I was
in recreational ministries.
    Joe looked at me and replied, "Um-m, too bad your work is so reduced.
The world needs your spiritual energy rather than just the state of
Kansas." I laughed off his spiritual dart, but the truth was too clear to
be ignored. Shortly after that both Beverly and I were on our way to the
Ordered Life.
    What was it that held us together? As I remember, one thing was the
critique that we were Nothings in history because we made paramount The
Great Awakening to live the humane life by creating structures for the
Human Factor in Human Development. The point being, we became the
nothings so that our secular-religious Christ could be everything.
    We lived on behalf of those unable to, unwilling to, or in denial
about, living the Awakened Life against the day when all the earth would
live the awakened life  together.
    For this purpose we used the traditions of the Christian Church as
the theological glue to hold us as one. This was grounded in the Daily
Office and the Sunday evening Common Meal.
    Did anything like this get raised at Junaluska?
    Maybe I've been reading too much of "Mother Teresa: Come Be My
Light." Here is the living embodiment of Transparent Doing done in the
midnight of her soul that experienced the entire absence of faith. She
stood as the little Dutch Girl with her finger in the dyke holding back
the destructive waters of social degradation against the day the
Missionaries of Charity would have the structures in place to do what
history needed them to do.
     Maybe this is what our Order is experiencing since 1988? Certainly,
this has been a dark night of our corporate soul, but I've lost sight of
the transparent awakening event the world is waiting for.
    The lesson I keep coming back to is the glue that held her together,
and that of her sisters/brothers, and that kept her work going was the
Eucharist. If, and when, the Order again finds its voice, what will be
the Eucharist that sustains it?
    Enlightenment please!
    Bill Salmon

Jim Wiegel here.  This is a good question.  I have not read Mother
Teresa's book.  Bill Bailey sent me a CD of their advent service and that
was interesting, and I found an old book that had Chardin's Mass on the
World in it, and that was even more interesting in this regard. 

I think we have not gotten further than to suggest putting personal pages
on the repository web site as a sign that you acknowledge the declaration
that was drafted. (That is, in addition to the tattoo)

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