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So, this is a question for Marshall and then 2 questions for Jack, Bill, David
  For Marshall:  I am still impressed with that overview you did re:  Methodism and evangelism and ran into a mention of the second great awakening in a New Yorker article.  My question is, how are you going to explain to the staff at the Center for Evangelism what this new kind of evangelism is?  Can it be evangelism without naming the name?
  For Jack, Bill, David.
  1.  So in a sentence or 2, a guild is . . . .  the order dynamic is . . .
  2.  What, practically does it take to care for, give form to either of these in this century?
  Jim Wiegel

Gordon Harper <gharper1 at mindspring.com> wrote:
  It Takes Time --

But the work of last month's Springboard gathering in North Carolina is now edited and available for review on the Repository.  If you've not had a chance to look at this yet, here are some quick links to take you to it:

You might want to start with the Executive Summary for the overview --


Or with the names of those physically present and those who participated remotely --


To read a few of the remarkable individual writings people did and shared as a new way we tried of introducing ourselves (and which seven of you who weren't able to be physically present also contributed to) --


To get into the products from the event, the specific work of the small groups, and see what is ongoing from the gathering --


And finally, to see a short video of the faces of your colleagues as we gathered around the table for the opening on Friday afternoon --


We're in the process of nailing down the dates and location of the next Springboard event; should be news about it soon.  In the meantime, let us know your thoughts about any of this --


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