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Need to get the history of the term in our use.  I found one talk on the old archive cd, by someone from the academy staff who used the term.  I thought it was used both in the deep, deep sense that Jack is using it, have not found other talks, but also thought it might mean when you are organizing all parts of your life as vocation -- structuring your finances to contribute, your family life, household, community, volunteer time as well as your "work" time and "professional time", but have not found a source for the "paravocation" term.
  In terms of changing, I guess meta is more accurate, but either term seems really strange without a speech attached to it.  Like if it was in a survey . . .

David Dunn <david at mirrorcommunication.com> wrote:
  On 1/15/08 10:33 PM, "James Wiegel" wrote:

> I am trying to create a description of the 4 levels we talk about -- occupied
> to paravocated in a way that people could check which level they are at and
> therefore you could figure out how to care accordingly. In the example below,
> I am considering the 15,000 or so ToP trained people in the US sort of as my
> "guild" or "guild network" and trying to come up with indicators re: what
> level they are at. Would appreciate wisdom and additions.

I appreciated these four descriptions.

I want to suggest that we use the image of 'metavocation' rather than
'paravocation.' '-para- has to do with being alongside or parallel if memory
serves (paraprofessional), while '-meta-' has to do with being more
inclusive or transcendent.


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