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Dear Jim, Randy

I appreciated your two contributions so much that I felt emboldened to share
a similar vein of thought I've been engaged in. The attached piece is
something I use in facilitation training to highlight the journey of
developing one's prowess in facilitation (beyond any particular facilitation
school or technique) while locating ToP in the 'field' of facilitation. I
suppose its been my way of inviting participants to the possibility of
facilitation as something more than an occupation or engagement. The MS Word
format may suffer some in transmission.


By the way Jim, in the Integrated category, have you tried the word
'aligned' in the place of 'fascinated'? And I don't know why but Occupation,
Engagement, Vocation and Integration speak more to me.


Regards from humid Bangkok

Kevin Balm


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These four levels as they apply to ToP facilitators are fascinating.  I have
done a similar thing regarding commitment in the workplace that I use with
businesses, under the three categories of "job, career, calling."  When  you
and Judy visited with me last year I gave you a chart depicting these three
levels of work.  I suspect you may not remember or still have this so I am
attaching it.  I created it  Carel Draw but have it here in pdf format.  I
hope you will be able to open it.



James Wiegel <jfwiegel at yahoo.com> wrote:

Jim Wiegel here.


I am trying to create a description of the 4 levels we talk about --
occupied to paravocated in a way that people could check which level they
are at and therefore you could figure out how to care accordingly.  In the
example below, I am considering the 15,000 or so ToP trained people in the
US sort of as my "guild" or "guild network" and trying to come up with
indicators re:  what level they are at.  Would appreciate wisdom and



Across the several hundred of us, there are many different kinds and levels
of interest between our work / our life and the values and methods of the
Technology of Participation.  In addition to understanding the kind of
interest you have it will also be helpful to know the level of your interest
re:  ToP and facilitation.  Please check the item below that best describes
your level of interest in ToP.


Occupied.  These methods and values are interesting and helpful in my work
and life and I like using them as part of my tool kit, especially in my
current position


Engaged.  My experience with ToP has created a significant professional and
emotional commitment in me.  I get excited in using them and in seeing what
happens / can happen to groups and teams as they move down the road
together.  I would like to use ToP more regularly


Vocated.  My acquaintance with and use of ToP resonates inside me.
Something in ToP is in clear alignment with my heart and my life and touches
me at a deeper level.  I see this approach as a significant social
innovation that is clearly needed in our time.


Integrated.  I am deeply fascinated with ToP and find myself integrating ToP
values, methods and approaches in many areas of my life. ToP and
facilitation will be part of what I do long beyond my current work.  I look
for ways to develop ToP consciousness in others

401 North Beverly Way 
Tolleson, Arizona 85353-2401
+1 623-936-8671
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jfwiegel at yahoo.com

Strangely enough, this is the past that somebody in the future is longing to
go back to. Ashleigh Brilliant 


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