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Dear Cyprian, Mary, Ashwath, and Hrito,
Congratulations to you as your family goes forward in further service, catalyzing change in an inclusive way in a very necessary sector of almost every society today.  Richard Brady is a dharma teacher in Thay's tradition who is creating sanghas for school teachers from Washington DC.  As I locate his email, I will forward yours to him.  He may very well be with Thay in late Sept. and Oct. in India, and would maybe be available to be of greater assistance to your new Foundation.

Miles and miles of smiles to you all,


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A request:
Cyprian and I are starting on a venture to establish a Foundation dedicated to 
teacher’s training near Pune.  Initially, we see this institution’s focus to be 
on training primary school teachers.

We are in the process of drawing up the objectives of the institution so as to 
enable the registration process. 

Should any of you have personal connections with any organisations/institutions 
that address the education of the whole person with in the educational system 
would you help us connect with them?

I am also very interested in organisations that have absorbed ICA’s technology 
of participation into their teaching curriculum.

Also, please write to us if you wish to participate in this venture in any form.

Please address all mail to this address marykdsouza at gmail.com

I know many of you have a great passion in this area and I am grateful for it.


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