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David Dunn dmdunn1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 17:22:05 EDT 2008

On 7/2/08 12:59 PM, "Len Hockley"  wrote:

> Is there a way to search for and list all the members that have said yes to
> be Wayside Inns? And where they are?

Šand I've done some investigation to find out. As near as I can tell, when
you go to the Members page on the Springboardventure.ning.com website:


and search for either "yes" "overnight" or "warning" you'll come up with a
list of people who have those words in their profile under "Wayside Inn?"
and the link to their profile page.

I'm not prepared to say why that's so, but it does seem to be the case and
it does answer Lens question. :')

If you've haven't gotten registered yet and would like to sign in to the
Springboardventure Online website, follow this link:


create a login and password, then a member profile, and you're in. Be sure
to bookmark the main page and save your login and password information.

And yes, the Dunns' study and inflatable bed is available except for July 23
through August 4.


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