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This is for Larry Philbrook especially. Here is something worth reviewing in creating your conference.  Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World"
Joanna R. Macy and Molly Young Brown; Paperback; $12.89

  Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC  - and anything else written by Molly Young Brown and Joanna R. Macy
I went to a conference last weekend in Brattleboro. The exercises came from this book.  Molly and Joanna are writing about ecosystems. Molly led the workshop and she is a top drawer facilitator.  The beginning of the book is theory and the end of the book is exercises for people to be thinking through how to care for planet earth today,including an individual's role.  
I got to thinking about the importance of being ecofriendly when others have shared ways to begin to live more locally again. I understand that Findhorn not only meditates to grow huge plants, but has incorporated solar energy and some other eco friendly systems into their demonstration community - which is more like a homestead these days, and hosting training workshops. I was immediately impressed years ago by what they refer to as "attunement" which correlates with your listening workshops in many ways.  Anyway, here I am rambling on.
Hope all is well. Love to Evelyn. Happy birthday in August. And may your conference be a global breakthrough.

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Healing Begins." 

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