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Wayne Nelson wnelson at ica-associates.ca
Thu Jun 19 10:18:14 EDT 2008

For many years, ICA has been concerned about general, public recognition of
ToP as a distinct and legitimate body of knowledge and practice within the
field of facilitation, organizational development and community development.
Conversations at the last ICAI General Assembly indicated that a greater
common focus needs to be placed on ToP facilitator development and the
positioning of ToP within our global clientele.

This site is a "first draft" of a global website dedicated to ToP
The URL is http://ica-associates.ca/topfacilitation

It's a subdirectory of our ICA Associates site at the moment. At some point,
it will stand on its own with its own URL - - probably ³ToPFacilitation.net

We need lots of feedback on this site - especially in the following areas:

* What content is needed on this site?
* What can we do to improve the writing on the site?
* What can we do to improve the ability of people to navigate within the
* What can we do to improve the look and feel of the site?
* What functional elements or tools do we need on this site?
* What can we do to make this website useful to our audience?

Please send me your thoughts - anything from typos to rewritten pages to
pictures and graphics. We need it all. Complimentary and critical. Off the
top of your mind or deeply thought through.




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