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This takes our efforts at involving people remotely to a whole new level . . .  Can we do this in relation to the Denver get together??

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  Thanks, Lois,  
  It's great . . .  

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    I suggest when you are ready that you just tap on where it says in orange:  Watch the entire first class now...  It's 1 1/2 hours long and you can pause anytime.  

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  I very much agree that the webcast and the remaining workshops are well worth participating in.  The message is a needed one, and the interplay of Tolle and Oprah is, I think, very effective.  One of the most spiritually attuned people I know calls Oprah his first spiritual teacher.  This is a side of her I didn't know about (having mentally relegated Oprah to day-time television and the land of soap operas...).  The possibilities of so many hundreds of thousands of us around the world tuning into an understanding of a way to profoundly change ourselves and then the world is so encouraging in today's world.
  Thank you so much my darling Lois for bringing this all to my attention last week.   You are my first teacher of how to live all of life with love and  a profound belief in the goodness of others.
  We are all so lucky to be alive at this time.
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