[Springboard] Greetings from NC

Lynda Cock llc860 at triad.rr.com
Sun Mar 30 11:09:31 EDT 2008

Dear Colleagues at Springboard,  you have been in our thoughts this weekend
as you have gathered in Denver.  

We took our eldest son John and his wife Kelley to the airport on Friday,
bound for Ethiopia to pick up their newest member of their family, baby
Caleb, leaving us in Davidson, NC, with their two other children, Lyndon
and Preston (4 & 2, both little redheads like their Dad) and their dog and
three cats!  They landed in Addis Ababa about 2 hrs ago.  I could imagine
how our parents would have loved such instant communication when we left our
children to travel to India back in late 70's.  

As we wait to officially greet Caleb next weekend and add him to our crew,
we are deeply aware of the wisdom of Marshall Jones that we have "a brand
new generation on whose behalf we old-timers are privileged to be
comprehensive, futuric, and intentional."  

As you may have observed, little Davidson, NC, really got on the map with
their basketball expertise in the Sweet Sixteen, winning to play in the
Elite Eight against Kansas. "Jono" (John II), Frank Powell, and Otto Sharpe
are some of our gang who attended this small Presbyterian college.  Jono and
Kelley were able to watch Friday's game on large screen in the JFK airport
as they waited to board.  As you can imagine, their little town is wild with

I hope those of you in Denver have enjoyed the Art Show of Ellen's work to
benefit the ICAI Conference in Japan and hope you are placing your bids on
these originals.   I just upped my bid on "Globally Ecumenical" to $90, but
it registered as $0.  I've sent a Help note to Sarah in Canada.  The on-line
auction ends April 5.  For those online, check it out!

We look forward to receiving your report and photos.

Lynda and John


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