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Please send me a copy of that email of yours we are supposed to be
discussing this am at 11 my time.




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Great Jim, do you have a blog so we can follow along as you work on this
project? Thanks, Dick

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I am in Ramallah, Palestinian Territories, training 20 new facilitators to
facilitate a series of 40 input workshops involving around 1000 people to
develop proposals for the future of the Fateh movement and, afterwards, to
provide strategic planning facilitation to various units around Palestine.  


We are doing this in Arabic.  I am working with 2 people who have a good
sense of facilitation, but little experience with ToP, and all believe there
is something important in ToP methods that will help to develop a new, more
collaborative collective spirit that can revitalize Fateh on behalf of the
Palestinian people.


All are working hard, though especially the naming is very disturbing and
tense as they practice.  I believe this has to do both with the culture and
also with the pressure and stress related to the Israeli - Palestinian


Any similar experiences?  suggestions?

Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

We are urging everyone to watch the Oprah show this evening and 
participate in the Eckhart Tolle dialogue with his book The New 
Earth. We are putting together a study/corporate reading methodology 
and we want to use this book to begin that process. We will be 
getting that out soon to everyone. It is well worth downloading the 
previous discussions. We are taking Joe Slicker's advice to integrate 
this example of new writing with some of our historical work on 
consciousness and spirit.

Grace & Peace,


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