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Jean Long jlongworld at comcast.net
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My my - what a wonderful, thoughtful plan.  I think this might work.  I was
going to the second Profound Journey Course on September 5 - but that is not

I would want to make sure that I can be the care giver Judy needs.  Helping
her enjoy your Mexico home is an awesome responsibility.  ...and what a
chance to care for our global family.

Let's talk.  


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That's wonderful news!

On another note, would you be open to coming to Mexico to be with Judy  
for about three weeks in September?  I have to be in India and I would  
like to have someone here who would be with Judy.  It would be for  
companionship and help with the meals.  I would cover all the expenses  
of your travel and stay here.  The weather in September does have some  
heavy rains, but it is still a wonderful place to be.  Let me know if  
you are interested.  I don't have an Indian travel plan yet, but it  
would probably be the first three weeks of September.



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