[Springboard] The Limits to Power--Introduction

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Mon Nov 10 10:07:09 EST 2008

For me the central thought of the Introduction is, that which is eroding and threatening our freedom as a nation, despite many outside pressures and influences, is of our own making.  As we have entrapped in our dependence on war and other forms of violence to protect and defend our freedom against external forces and internal threats, these very acts have eroded our freedom from the inside out.
The life question this raises for me is, What is the meaning of freedom when it is cloaked in humility?  What is the meaning of freedom when it does not include individual autonomy and the power to dominate others?  How must we as Americans go about the task of "reexamin(ing) exactly what freedom entails" and accepting the "onus of responsibility" which "falls squarely on citizens?"  (quotes from pg. 13) 
I believe Bonhoeffer could be a huge resource in helping us answer these questions.  What are other resources we may call upon?
Randy Williams

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